The Journal Eleuthera, Ibero-American Journal of Human and Social Development, is an open access scientific publication without APC (Article Processing Charge) that circulates every six months in the national and international scope. It is assigned and financed by the Department of Human Development of the Faculty of Legal and Social Sciences and the Vice-Rector´s Office for Research and Postgraduate Studies at Universidad de Caldas. Papers on original and unpublished research that contribute to the advancement of knowledge and academic-scientific discussion in social sciences and particularly in the areas of human development and social development are received in English, Portuguese, French and Spanish. Eleuthera Journal is a space where academics and professionals can inquire and publish research, reflection or review papers about topics such as: human development, democracy and citizenship, diversity and social justice, approaches in social work: research and professional practice. The Journal is published in printed and digital format (PDF) .


The purpose of Eleuthera Journal is to become a space for the transit, encounter and debate of knowledge and questions arising from research processes and thus nurture the undergraduate and graduate training processes, the formulation of social projects and the cycle of knowledge from production to its social appropriation.  As far as production of knowledge is concerned, the Journal recognizes and values the participation of diverse subjects in social research, is plural in terms of epistemological and methodological approaches, recognizes the indissoluble implication between ethics, politics, practice and the production of knowledge, considers research results as a process and not as a finished product, recognizes that social research seeks diverse understandings of the contemporary social complexity and the generation of questions that lead to a search for knowledge that is projected in the academia and in social life.






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